News & Posts

Lets everyone know what's going on with your organization -  your recent successes, up coming activities or performances, or special features about ensembles or teachers.

At its core, WordPress is a blogging platform and you can take full advantage of the world's most popular choice for publishing fresh content easily and often, with a familiar text editor.

By default, Cadenza sets up a News category for your website. Create articles of interest or importance, add photos and links to other sites or documents and just click Publish. Your News articles appear on your website, and if active, show up on your home page.

You can also write articles ahead of time and schedule when they post, or add password protection to any post or page to share with only a select audience.

Other Posts and Blogging

You can also create as many different categories of posts as you'd like. How about a seperate category for just members, or parents, or even each ensemble? Maybe you'd want to blog about your areas of expertise, like teaching, conducting, or arranging. Perhaps your groups is on an international trip and you want to add a daily blog about your travels and experiences.

Post categories can also be public or private and added to your menu, or only shared privately.

Its also possible with Cadenza and best of all, its easy to do!