Media Galleries

Showcasing your group is important for promotion, recognization, education and even funding. Cadenza's media includes photos, audio, video and documents. Cadenza offers several powerful options for displaying media galleries in creative, engaging and informative ways.

Media can be sorted into editable categories for easier searching and organization.

Photo Galleries and Slideshows

WordPress's build-in gallery capabilities are easy to use and work great, especially for quick and easy photo galleries, but for even a more powerful and creative experience, use the Page Builder photo and gallery modules that include with many more creative options for building image galleries with different layout styles, animations, hover effects and light boxes.


Being able to play audio files is vital to sharing your group's performances or providing examples for your students and members. Sharing audio is usually a clunky experience, requiring a browser plugin or even a forced download of a large audio file. With Cadenza's built-in MP3 player, your visitors can listen to any audio clip or playlist right on your page with no additional plugin dependency or file download.


Adding video to your website has never been easier! Paste in the URL of your YouTube or Vimeo video and Cadenza will play it right on your page. No more pasting embed or iframe code into HTML and no more dependency on browser plugins or jumping to external websites.