Volunteer Sign-Ups

With Volunteer Sign-ups, you can easily create and manage volunteer sign-up sheets for Single, Recurring, Multi-Day, or Ongoing events and activities. 

For each of these types of events, you can create as many tasks or items as needed and can specify how many items or people are needed, the date, a start and end time, and whether or not item details are needed.

Sheets can also be specified as a “No Sign Up” event, which can be useful for general organization events and meetings. Each sign-up sheet can also be set to visible or hidden, so that you can create sign-up sheets ahead of time, but only make them visible to the public when you are ready for them to start signing up.

Admin users can view sign-ups for each sheet, and clear any spots with a simple link. Each sheet can also be exported to a CSV format file for easy import into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

Automatic Email reminders can be set for each sign-up sheet with simple to use custom email templates for sign-up confirmations and reminders. You can also specify the number of days before the event to send the reminder emails, setting two sets of reminders for each sheet .