Staff and Ensemble Pages

Cadenza websites are for just music organizations, which means performing ensembles, directors, teachers and staff are the real heart of what you do and how you do it successfully. Cadenza includes templates and tools to help you quickly create engaging pages that showcase your performers and staff.

Staff Pages

Your directors and staff are talented and valuable people and deserve to be celebrated. Tell visitors about yourself, your teachers and instructors. Cadenza makes it easy to add and manage your staff's information by adding photos, bios and contact information all within a well organized staff area.

You can even change the page name to something that better reflects your organization, like Directors, Teachers or Personnel.

Cadenza offers three different master layout templates for the entire staff. Of course, with Cadenza's modular page builder, you can easily create and build your own staff pages.

Ensemble Pages

Your performing groups are the heart of your program. Create engaging pages that feature your ensembles, add a few images or create a whole photo gallery or slideshow with ease or even add audio clips or playlists.

And adding video is easy, too. Simply paste the URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video clip into the page. No embed code, iframes, or external player plugins required!

Ensemble Grouping

No matter what size organization you have, you probably have many different types of music ensembles, whether its bands, winds and percussion, male, female or mixed choirs, string or full orchestras, or programs with combinations of any of these. Cadenza's Ensemble pages can easily be grouped and categorized in any way that best suits your needs, for your groups.