Form Builder

Using Cadenza's built-in form builder with its drag & drop capabilities makes it easy to create any kind of form you need, plus all submissions are stored in the admin, for easy retrieval and viewing.

Cadenza comes with several sample forms to get you started which can be easily updated to suit your needs, Or start from scratch and build exactly what you need to gather information from your visitors or members. Create sign-ups, registrations, data files and more.

Cadenza Premium Subscriber Features

Survey & Poll Builder

Cadenza Premium members can also add Survey or Poll for gathering important information, or just for fun. Respondents can provide feedback with Likert scaling, rankings, ratings, or votings with radio buttons, check boxes, drop down selections or text input. Easily add survey questions to any form!

Quiz Builder

Quizzes allow you to interact with your visitors and present fun interactive quizzes that include instant quiz scores and answer explanations.

Configure quiz questions and answer choices that are presented to the user either as a radio button, drop down or checkbox field. You can configure a quiz to be graded either on a simple Pass/Fail scale or using a more complex letter grade system that you can customize.

Dropbox File Integration

Premium members can also add Dropbox file integration to their forms, allowing users to upload files with form submissions directly to their DropBox folder.

Slack Form Notification

For Slack users, Premium members can connect their Slack account to any form to get instant notification the moment a form has been submitted.