Content Modules

Cadenza's drag-and-drop content modules give you the power to create professional, engaging, creative and fun content pages like never before. Everything is at your finger tips, limited only by your imagination! No coding, no additional scripts, plugins or even a web designer. Drag, drop, point, and click; its just that easy!

Here are some of the modules that you can use when creating your web pages:

Page Headings

Simple headings, smart headings, responsive headings, dual color headings and even animated headings. Give your pages and page sections titles that draw attention and highlight important information.


Buttons aren't just for forms! Add colorful, single or dual buttons,with assorted special effects with ease and design them simply by selecting the options you want to encourage visitors to click your links more often.

Photos and Galleries

Add photos within your content, or create slideshows, galleries or carousels. Use images as background images, parallax backgrounds, or even as buttons. Add hover content or special effects like color shifts, zoom, or the "Ken Burn's" effect and adjust lightbox settings to match your site design.


Icon's convey meaning quickly. Select from dozen's of icons in Cadenza's icon libraries to highlight headings and blocks of content. Add icons to buttons, as graphics, or as backgrounds and link them to social media services, email addresses or other websites. Choose the colors, backgrounds, hover effects and styles you want to match your site.

Action Items

Create and add menus to sections of your site by dropping a menu in a sidebar or other page section. Add creative links with special effects, build call-to-action blocks and add contact or subscribe forms without adding code.

Information Blocks

Drag and drop items such as: Accordians, Tabs, Flip Boxes, Slide Boxes, Callouts, Interactive Banners, Tables, Info Circles, Ribbons, Testimonials, Staff Sections, Number Counters, Event Countdowns, Maps, Modal Pop-ups, Content Sliders and much more. Every module is completely customizable to suit your needs.

Layout Options

Organize your pages in a way that makes sense and engages visitors with sidebars, creative separators, dividers. Set different backgrounds for different sections with color, images or gradients to make them stand out and draw attention. Add parallax backgrounds or collapsable sections.